Better Leeds Forum

Any student can submit their Idea at any time of year. Depending on the aims of your Idea, it will go to one of three forums: Better Union, Better University or Better Leeds.

You will be invited to the relevant forum to discuss your Idea. If your Idea is approved it will become Union policy. That means the leaders of your Union, the Student Exec, will work to implement your idea with the help of other students.

There are three groups of people at each forum, each with their own role in the decision-making process:


YouAs the Idea submitter, you’ll be asked to attend to explain why you think it’s a good idea


RepsEach forum is attended by relevant reps. They'll relay other students' views on your idea.


Student PanelA randomly selected panel of 16 students will listen, ask questions, and decide whether to approve or reject your idea.

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