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'Lishi' is the family name of this Taoist Physical Spiritual Warrior Energy Practice. The arts taught at Leeds Uni by the International Taoist Society include Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, whole-body breathing and massage. They are playful, revitalising and exhilarating, making them ideally suited to younger people.



Weekly classes teach you the basics of this ancient science and take you on a journey of self-discovery as you become healthier, increase your fitness and gain more confidence. We are a fun, friendly group with a shared enthusiasm for personal development and naturally boosting our energy levels. There is an equal mix of females and males at the class and it's a great way to meet others also looking to make positive changes in their life.







3 - 5 pm   LUU Jade Studio

6 - 7.15 pm   Wrangthorn Church Hall, Hyde Park, LS6 1BJ



2.30 - 4 pm   LUU Room 6

£5 membership includes 3 classes

or   pay JUST £10 and attend as many LUU classes as you like until the end of the year! (Mon and Fri until 7th June 2019)

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