Sustainability Policy

Here at LUU sustainability is ingrained into everything we do, from the way we manage our building to the purchasing habits of our outlets. 

We are dedicated to running as sustainably as possible, and attained Excellent status in our 2019 NUS Green Impact Audit, but we know there's always room for improvement. 

We work closely with the University’s own Sustainability Steering Group to help make sure our campus is as sustainable as possible.

Here's all the environmental systems and policies we have in place currently. 


Get Involved

We're working hard to be as sustainable and as kind to the environment as possible. If you feel the same as us, you can help both the Union, the wider community of Leeds and even the world by giving us a hand. From volunteering in our sustainable garden, joining an environmental society or taking your bright sustainability ideas to the Better Leeds Forum, we always want to hear from you. 


Energy Management Policy

Detailing our commitment to effectively using greener utilities like steam or electricity. 

Operational Waste Management Procedures and Guidance

This procedure makes sure we handle all our waste effectively and in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act. 

Water Management Procedure and Guidance

How we are striving to use water responsibly. 

Environmental Policy

Covering all our environmentally focused objectives including anything from climate change to transport. 

Environmental Management System Manual

All our extensive plans to be as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability Purchasing Policy and Guide

We want to make sure our bars, cafes and shops are as responsibly sourced as possible. This manual explains how we buy our products with a conscience.  

Sustainable Travel Policy

Our guidelines on how we travel as responsibly as possible to minimise our contribution to travel-borne emissions.