Student Exec Officers

£19,405.50 per annum 
Full time - 36.5 hours per week 
Fixed Term contract for one year
Closing Date: midnight Friday 14 February 2020

Our Student Exec represent the interests of all 38,000 students on campus and make sure these students are at the forefront of decisions made by the University, Union and the wider city. They are selected through an annual democratic election process - LeadLUU.

These roles are open to any current University of Leeds student. 

The Student Exec are elected officers who will take up one of seven full-time, paid positions for the 2020/21 academic year: 

  • Activities Officer
  • Education Officer
  • Union Affairs Officer
  • Community Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Equality & Diversity Officer
  • International Officer

To find out more about what each role entails look here. 

To read about this year's Student Exec look here. 

To apply to become a Student Exec, you can nominate yourself before 14 February 2020 to run in a campus wide election.

All students at the University of Leeds then have the option to vote for their chosen candidates during LeadLUU Voting Week (02 - 05 March 2020).

Find out more about the process here.