Historia Normannis

What we’re all about

Historia Normannis is a nationwide 12th Century re-enactment society focused on bringing history to life through various means. Our LUU society acts as the Leeds cell group which is one of many in the UK, with our full numbers across the country reaching over 600 members. What we do mainly consists of educating people about what life was like during one of the most fascinating periods of British history, ranging from combat displays using authentic commands, ranks, formations and of course accurately made weapons and armour, to crafting items and equipment using the techniques of the period in question.

Being a cell group within Yorkshire, we are often closely involved with both the York and Huddersfield cells both in craft sessions to prepare clothing, leather equipment and shields, as well as regional combat training sessions involving a bigger number of people than an ordinary cell training session.

You may be wondering what all this preparation and training leads to: and that is Show Season. This is a period starting in May and finishing at the end of summer. It gives members from all cell groups the opportunity to travel across the country and setting up “Living History” encampments at various medieval sites and locations throughout the UK, and essentially performing for an audience, mostly through unscripted combat displays and battles (which can involve around 200 members at some of the larger scale shows) but also by assuming the roles of people who lived in the period we focus in and interacting with the visitors who attend the show.

For further information about the society, please feel free to visit our official page.