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Welcome to University of Leeds Gymnastics Club!

Come and see why we were awarded Most Improved Sports Club of 2014-15 by LUU!

Whether you're the next Nile Wilson/Simone Biles or you don't even know who they are but just fancy learning something completely new, then we're the society for you! Both complete beginners and those of you who take your training more seriously are all catered for at our first class gym. 

We train at Leeds Gymnastics Club which contains an impressive array of equipment for both male and female gymnasts and our highly qualified coaches mean that no new skill is impossible to learn. The tumble track, fast track, bars, beams and giant foam pit mean that experienced gymnasts can train hard whilst there is every opportunity for beginners to have a go and learn cool new skills.

Competitions are encouraged if you want to challenge yourself, but it's a really relaxed vibe in our sessions and you can push yourselves as much or as little as you want. Although once you've learnt one trick it's hard to stop!

Socialising is a huge part of our society because as much as we all love gymnastics, first and foremost, we are one big group of friends. We want all of you to come along and give it a go.

Take a look at our video to see what's on offer and why LUU Gymnastics is possibly the COOLEST society on campus!


Make sure you look out for us at the Freshers Fair, come and have a chat to us, meet the committee and find out what we're all about. If you're just too hungoer to make it (we won't hold it against you) then our Give it a Go sessions will run on Wednesday 2nd October and then again on Sunday 13th October.  As much as we want you all to join LUU Gymnastics, please make sure you try out as many other societies as you can, after all, university is all about trying new things and making as many friends as possible in different places! Oh, and a little studying of course! We can't wait to meet you!


We train twice at Leeds Gymnastics Club in Seacroft, training sessions take place on:

  • Wednesdays - 2pm-4pm - Seacroft

  • Sundays - 4pm-6pm - Seacroft

We meet half an hour before each session at the Parkinson Building and we will organise transport from there, so don't worry about getting to training!


We compete both men’s and women’s teams in various competitions throughout the year, with the main event being the BUCS Championships. These competitions are a great way to show off what you've been practicing over the year and have finally mastered, it's also a great way to have a laugh with friends and enjoy the sport in a different environment. Don't worry, we don't take ourselves too seriously at competitions!. We often stay overnight near where we are competing so for those who are just wanting to come and check out the competition you won't be bored.


Membership for the whole year is £35. There is there a session fee of £5 per session you attend, this covers the cost of transport.

For more info please get in touch or ask at the freshers fair.


Please be aware that you do not have personal accident insurance cover related to this activity.  If you would like any cover, please seek this individually.  Here are some providers that you can enquire with:

For further information or queries, please contact the committee.

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Instagram - @uol.gymnastics - tag us if you've got something you want us to see!

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To find out more about our society, membership, what we do, when we meet etc. finding us on Facebook is probably the easiest way to contact us.

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