Green Guide

We recognise that our work (and that of the people we work with) has an impact on the environment. We understand the importance of reducing this impact, and that's why we're working hard towards a more sustainable future.

Our current energy usage


1,541,000 kWh of electricity  in 15/16.

This is a 5% reduction compared to 14/15. This is due to extensive area closures as part of teh LUU building refurbishment. .


1,812,000 Kg of steam in 15/16.

This is an increase of 11% compared to 14/15. An undiscovered faulty meter had been giving us lower readings that we were actuallt consuming, meaning we havent actually increased our usage, we are just now getting the correct readings. 


 11,230 meters cubed of water in 15/16.

This is a 18% decrease compared to 14/15 due to investment in water saving measres and repairs we have undertaken in LUU 


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