The Union will be open from 8am daily to accommodate graduating students and their families. If you need to arrive early then we will welcome you into our Foyer from 7.30am but no other service will be open until 8am. Our friendly Helpdesk staff will be stationed around the Foyer if you have any issues. 

We'll be hosting ticket collection, DVD and framing sales alongside Eva London Jewellery in our Foyer. You can get your photograph taken in the Riley Smith Theatre right after you pick up your gown from the dance studios (between GEAR and Essentials). 

For those without tickets to the ceremonies, we will be screening each graduation ceremony live in the brand new Pyramid Theatre. 

Ceremony Times

You can find the exact date and times of your graduation ceremony below. 

Your graduation day

-90 minutes Graduates park on Woodhouse Moor and make their way to the University Union (cloakroom available in the Great Hall).

-80 minutes All bars & cafes in the Union will open for guests.

-80 minutes Graduates can collect tickets from the ticket desk in the Foyer (additional tickets are only available to those who have requested them in advance).

-70 minutes Graduates to collect their gown from the Studios.

-60 minutes Graduates have their official photo taken in the Riley Smith Hall.

-30 minutes Doors to the Great Hall open. Graduates are allocated sears and must be seated at least 15 minutes early.

0 minutes Graduation ceremony starts. Guests without tickets can view the ceremonies live in Pyramid Theatre.

45 minutes Graduation ceremony ends. Graduates will return to the Union for photos, gifts and to return their own  gowns to the studios.

60 minutes Each department in the University will hold an event for their students and may also arrange a whole school photo.


If you wish to appeal your result then you should contact our Advice team here at the Union. 

NUS Extra

Graduands are still eligible to buy an NUS Extra card up to 1 year after graduation. You can buy this card at Helpdesk who will be open till 5.30PM daily. 


Guests who need to borrow a wheelchair for the day can request one from our Helpdesk team. 

Magnetars & Pins

Magnetars are magnetic pins, specifically designed to hold your hood in the correct place on your gown. These will be on sale and available for hire outside GEAR.

Safety pins are available in Essentials.

Mortar board policy

You are still unable to hire Mortar Boards. However, you can buy them. If you have bought them, you cannot wear them into the Great Hall for their Graduation ceremony

Dispelling the myth…It has nothing to do with Health & Safety and throwing them in the air. The UoL has never had Mortar Boards. It is looking into changing this.