Lydia Evans

Your Activities Officer is here to make sure your social life thrives at Uni. Whether that’s getting the right funding for your favourite clubs and societies, tackling the cost of sport or supporting your other co-curricular activities.

Your background

I studied in the School of Earth and Environment, and took a year out to do a placement at a small social enterprise that promoted social mobility through sport in my third year.

Manifesto aims

I want to equip our societies to be able to do more for you! Whether that's through giving them a louder voice, fostering new skills or fighting to get more funding.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

Tough question, there's so much to do! Really I just want to make a difference, and use my position to influence and change things at as high a level possible.

I was inspired to become an Activities Officer because...

I joined the Boat Club in my first week, and lived and breathed it for my entire time at Leeds. It gave me friends, skills, structure and so many memories. My entire time at Uni was made by my society - if I can give one more person the opportunity to have that then I'll be happy.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an Activities Officer

Hearing lots of stories of how great your Club or Society is!

Supported roles

I look after the Activities Exec! Made up of 13 reps, one from each Society category, they chair the ECMs which each committee attends - they are the eyes and ears of all of our Clubs & Societies.

Boards / Committees

  • LUU Board of Trustees
  • University Senate
  • Footsteps Fund Board
  • LUU Finance Committee
  • LUU Appointments & Governance Committee
  • LUU Better Forums


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