Chloé Elliott

Your Equality and Diversity Officer is here to make sure the Union, University and further afield are accessible and inclusive to everyone. They fight to make your time at Leeds fair.

Your background

Whether I'm on or off campus, I'm committed to helping people have better access and make the most of the opportunities available to them. I was an Enterprise Scholar in my final year and my business is centred around supporting and promoting small black-owned businesses. 

Manifesto aims

Closing gaps for minority student groups.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

A stronger sense of ownership and belonging in Leeds.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an Equality and Diversity Officer

I'm most looking forward to creating lasting change in the university and the union.

What I love about Leeds University Union

There is so much potential for change and evolution.

Supported Roles

  • Liberation Coordinators

Boards / Committees

  • LUU Board of Trustees
  • Bright Beginnings Board
  • University Senate
  • Equality & Inclusion Committee
  • Global Community Steering Group
  • Why Is My Curriculum White Working Group
  • LUU People & Values Committee
  • LUU Engagement & Development Committee
  • LUU Better Forums

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