Amy Wells

Your Welfare Officer is here for your health and happiness at Leeds. Supporting you on issues that concern you and campaigning to help build a happy inclusive community.

Your background

I'm an Zoology graduate who got into the world of welfare, support and student politics alongside my degree with my work as a PASS tutor, Postgraduate Researcher Experience Intern on my year in industry at Leeds in Engineering/MaPS/Environment, co-president of Leeds Nightline, Help & Support Assistant (Helpdesk and Student Advice) in LUU, NUS delegate (National Conference 2019) and committee member for LUU Mind Matters Society.

Manifesto aims

Mental health support (in the University and in Leeds - a BIG one), period poverty and drug harm reduction.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

My vision is to ensure that the University is providing the necessary level of mental health support to every student (considering aspects such as personal tutoring as a big part of this), while also mobilising student power to lobby the government to fund our NHS mental health services. I've seen firsthand the crisis in student mental health and so many students fall through the gaps or are failed by months-long waiting lists.

I was inspired to become a Welfare Officer because...

I was already living and breathing all things student welfare and have never found anything I care about as much! I loved my degree and did some fun research in the lab, but I'd secretly wanted to be on the exec since finding out what they were properly and the position of Welfare Officer felt perfect for me.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as a Welfare Officer

I'm most looking forward to getting stuck into campaigns like the Drug Harm Reduction campaign launched last year by Matt Port, potentially a Re-Thinking Relationships campaign looking at things like polyamory, and re-launching Reclaim the Night, as well as being involved with History Months and similar, especially the ones close to my heart like LGBTQ+ History Month, Working Class History Month and International Women's Day.

What I love about Leeds University Union

The culture! It's sometimes hard to get across to students what the Union actually does and we need to do better, but I encourage everyone to get as involved as possible (I wish I had sooner). It's a brilliant and vibrant place with amazing student reps and fantastic staff, with none of the staleness that can make change so hard elsewhere.

Supported roles

I work with the Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors (managed by Jen Mak in H&S!) and I'm hoping to work a lot with the LibCos this year!

Boards / Committees


  • LUU Board of Trustees
  • University Senate
  • Unipol Board of Trustees
  • Taught Student Education Board
  • Student Lifecycle Programme Board
  • University Health & Safety Committee
  • LUU Audit & Risk Committee
  • LUU People & Values Committee
  • LUU Better Forums


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