Say hello to your Exec

Your Student Executive at LUU is made up of six full-time Officers who direct and lead the work of the Students’ Union, sitting on LUU's Board of Trustees. The Exec represent the student voice at meetings, Boards and Committees across the University and Union at senior levels of decision-making. Each Officer works on their own projects as laid out in their manifestos - meet them below and find out more about how their individual roles work to make positive change in all aspects of student life.

The Exec are chosen by you to serve a year-long term in our Lead LUU election, held every spring. All of our members can vote as well as stand for one of the positions.

Abiha Khan

Education Officer

Abiha changes things up for the better so that the University is always providing you with the best academic experience.

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Amy Wells

Welfare Officer

Amy is always thinking about your happiness, health and wellbeing. Making sure you have access to any help and support you might need whilst at Uni.

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Cat Fairbairn

Community Officer

Cat champions students in the community, making sure that housing and transport is developed with students in mind and that you feel connected to your local area.

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Chloé Elliott

Equality & Diversity Officer

Chloé makes sure that the campus and the city champion equality & diversity and every student has a voice.

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Lauren Huxley

Union Affairs Officer

Lauren chairs the board of trustees, makes sure the Union works for you and that the charity’s money is spent in the right areas.

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Lydia Evans

Activities Officer

Lydia takes the lead on developing over 300 clubs and societies, making sure they are running well and constantly getting better.

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