Erasmus and International Exchange

What we’re all about

This society provides support to all the International and Erasmus exchange students throughout their British University experience. Make the most out of your time in Leeds and meet people from all over the world through socials, activities and trips around the UK. We are part of the Erasmus Student Network the biggest student association in Europe!


Get involved in meeting new people from all over the world and join in our activities such as celebrating British events, Karaoke Nights and trips around the UK and Europe.


We are running a weekly language exchange at the Dry Dock every Monday during term-time at 9 pm! Come learn a new language meet friends from everywhere in the world!

First Language of 2018 : 29/01/18


Membership is only £5 and you get your ESN card for FREE! 
The ESN card gives you discount to all our paying events as well as discounts at every ESN partners in the UK and around Europe!
How to get my ESN card and access to its discounts:

  1. Buy your membership online or at the helpdesk
  2. Get in touch with us (out of term times) or follow our social media activities (during term time) to know where and when to get your card 
  3. Fill all the info on the ESN card (don't forget to put a picture with your brightest smile) and register your card here:

 Find out about all the reduction you can get with your ESN card on our website


Buddy Programme

Are you new in Leeds? Do you not know where anything is? Do you want to meet new people? Are you overwhelmed by the huge quantity of paperwork you have to do on your arrival and do you need a hand? If that is the case, join our BUDDY PROGRAMME as a mentee! We will help you to find not just a mentor, but also a friend that helps you with setting and other things you may need.

Yes, we know that beginnings can be chaotic, but extremely exciting too! And we want to make your experience even better. We match current student living in Leeds with new incoming students according to hobbies, age, studies, etc.. If you are reading this, it is destiny. Join our programme by clicking on:

We just need some registration information to make sure you get the perfect match. After that, you will receive an email  with the mentor's information.On the other hand, if you are a current student and you  are willing to help incoming people, this is the exact place for you too! Join our BUDDY PROGRAMME as a mentor.




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