What has the Human Rights Act ever done for us?

Wednesday 01 February 2017 (6pm - 8pm)

Business School Western Lecture Theatre

What Has The Human Rights Act Ever Done For Us?
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The 1998 Human Rights Act enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. But with Theresa May promising a 'hard Brexit' and David Cameron having included the repeal of the UK's Human Rights Act in the 2015 Conservative manifesto, surely it is time for a frank discussion about the role of the act in Britain.

This debate will examine whether our current human rights legislation is still relevant to modern Britain and what the motivations are for repealing it. It will not be a party politics discussion but an attempt to ask: just what does the Human Rights Act really do for us?

Panellists will include:
Luke Gittos (criminal lawyer and author of Why Rape Culture is a Dangerous Myth)
Debaleena Dasgupta (Legal officer at Liberty)
Rachel Logan (Law and Human Rights Director at Amnesty International UK)

During the two-hour debate the panellists each take it in turn to voice their opinions and can then respond to comments made by the other participants. Finally it will be opened up to a Q&A session.