Partners in Time

Wednesday 01 March 2017 (2:45pm - 4pm)

Meet at Hyde Park Pub

Come along to Partners In Time !


Partners in Time are a volunteering group who attend a local care home one evening a week. During the hour long visits, we do different activities with the residents including reminiscence sessions, music nights and society performances. We've got great plans for the year and it'd be great to get lots of new volunteers in to help!

Project Coordinators: Mia Connolly & Evelyn Smith

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions!

If you are interested please purchase a ticket (for free) on the union website - if they are not there then just message me to let me know you are coming!

Meet at Hyde Park Pub at 2.45 to be at the home from 3-4pm

This is a great opportunity to get some volunteering to put on your CV. All volunteers need a DBS to come.

Thanks !