East African

What we’re all about

The Leeds East African Society is here to manifest the East African Spirit in Leeds so that everyone can experience what a treasure we call home. We use our platform to support charities back in East Africa and we are able to do this through raising money during the events we hold annually such as Voodoo on Halloween, our biggest event Tribal, which is a fashion show and other socials.


We know just how difficult it can be moving to a new city and starting over. This year, we are committed to helping you with this transition through a number of fun socials and club nights planned such as Cultural Day, Bowling Night, trips, movie night and lots more.


In order to take full advantage of the opportunities available through the society, it’s important for you to become a member. With membership, you'll be able to get tickets to our events at a discount and enjoy perks such as free food, access to a network of useful connections and much more!

Our standard membership fees are:
One year membership - £6
Three-year membership - £17.50

Cultural Exchange Session #1

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