Disability History Month

The reality of life is that we live in an environment where accessibility is an afterthought – whether that’s the wheelchair accessible entrance that’s been hidden away round the back of the building or the audio loop in a lecture theatre that is never switched on. Another fact of life is that disability is seen to be as inherently negative: we are not deemed to be as equally productive as our able-bodied counterparts and our voices are erased as a result.
This month is all about challenging those perceptions and publicising the voices of disabled students in Leeds, which are often silenced and misrepresented. We will be launching a campaign that seeks to not only raise awareness of the unique and nuanced experiences faced by disabled students, but to create change within the University and the Union as designed by disabled students themselves. We want this campaign to have a lasting impact on how disability needs are approached in the long-term future, but we need your help to do it.
In order to do this, we’re launching Disabled & Future: a survey that will be running alongside focus group sessions so that we can understand what it means to progress into a future designed by and for disabled students. If you’re a disabled student with some thoughts to share about your experiences, good or bad, you can fill the survey out here. Your contributions will support our efforts in lobbying the University to create change.
This is our time to shape what it means to have a positive university life as a disabled student where we are valued and celebrated, and where our disability isn’t viewed as a problem that needs fixing. I can’t wait to see how far our voices will take us in influencing long-term change!

- Liberation Coordinators, Leo and Ana

DHM 2019 Events

The DHM 2019 Zine

As part of Disability History Month 2019, your LibCos have produced a zine about the social model of disability. You can get your hands on a physical copy around the building during DHM 19, or right here as a downloadable PDF or audio accessible file.