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What we’re all about

Dance Exposé is an eclectic troupe of 50 men and women brought together by their passion for dance. From contemporary to commercial, break dance to ballet, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our dancers.  Our semi-annual shows allow us the chance to show off all of our talent, diversity and fun encompassed within the society. Over the years, Exposé has been recognised by the union with a number of awards including 'Best Society 2013', 'Best Long Standing Collaboration 2014' (with LUU Backstage) and 'Best Dance Society 2016'. 

What We Do

You don’t have to choose between dance styles with Dance Exposé! Being an entirely student-run dance society gives all of our members huge opportunities to learn new styles and techniques, as well as choreograph for various performances throughout the year.  As Leeds University’s only dance society to put on our own annual show outside of the LUU Dance Show, we rehearse regularly in the Union.  We work together to produce, choreograph and promote our 4 night sell out show, held in February in the Riley Smith Hall.   

We also host a smaller event in December called “Exposed”.  It’s a more intimate event, in front of around 200 people, giving the audience a taste of what is to come in the February production.  Exposed this year will be held in December, so get ready to come boogie! 

But that’s not all!  Dance Exposé also offer you the chance to compete both within the union and against other universities throughout the year, as well as other performances and appearances such as the LUU Dance Show and, in recent years, Take Me Out and the X Factor Auditions.    


We welcome students of all ages, dance backgrounds and levels of experience to come to our auditions. We’re looking for committed, passionate and versatile dancers to join us - we just want to see you DO YOUR THING. You don’t need to have had any formal training to be a part of Dance Exposé, we just want to see your moves and see your personality shine through.

In the audition, we’ll take you through a warm up, teach you a short routine and you'll have an amazing time!

No need to bring any specific dance gear, just make sure you wear something comfortable that you can move in and bring a bottle of water and a snack too.

This is the only time of the year we accept new members for the upcoming year so it’s really important that you audition on one of these dates (you only have to come along to one of the nights!).

Our auditions:
Tuesday 1st October - 5pm in the Riley Smith Hal

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Wednesday 2nd October - 5pm in Stylus
Thursday 3rd October - 5pm in Stylus

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We provide various socials throughout the year including frequent nights out to Sunday brunch to Tour in Spain! There is a lot to get involved within our friendly society as socials are organised regularly.


If you are successful in auditioning, there is a one off membership fee of £42.50. 

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