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We want to improve the wellbeing of commuting students. We offer rush hour socials, mentoring opportunities and sessions to improve wellbeing, resilience and stress. We want to create a community of commuting students to improve integration into LUU and provide you with friends outside of your course to develop connections across campus.




Most (but not all) of our social events occur around the evening rush hour. We have fun socials including Crazy Golf, Pub Quiz, Meals Out and Bowling. We have developed a series of walks in nearby Yorkshire villages.




We usually try to arrange a gathering every fortnight.




Our Membership costs £2 for one semester, or £4 for one year.
Members will pay for additional events, but the society will endeavour to reduce costs through student discounts or group tickets.


Contact Us


Twitter: @LeedsCommuters


Facebook: Leedsunicommuters



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