Clubs & Socs Procedures

All the important documents, forms, training and procedure you need to run your club or society.  Have a look below to find the procedure you're looking for. 

Bookings, Events and Tickets

How to run your own event, book a stall or a room and pop a ticket in for more help. 

Committee Development

How to get the ball rolling on creating a successful society. 

Feedback and Complaints

For when things don't go smoothly, get sorted here. 


Everything funds and money related at your fingertips.

Health and Safety

A safe society is a happy society with everything you need to know from risk assessments to insurance. 

Help and Advice

If you need some advice, here's our helpful contacts. 

Key Contacts

The who's who of LUU and the Uni. 


If you're a sports club, here's what you need to know. 

Transport and Trips

Everything you need to get you going.