How to Start a Club or Society

So, you want to start a new LUU club or society?  

If you know who is going to help you run the society, have checked there isn't already a club or society organising similar events and you know who is going to join, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve got an idea for a society that we haven’t already got covered, and there are three of you ready to organise things for the first year, AND there are at least 20 current University of Leeds students who support the formation then we’re ready to get things moving. 

We form new societies three times a year, in October, December, February and March. To get things started you’ll need to download the new society formation form and return it, completed, to the Student Activities office on Level 1 of LUU. Alternatively, please email your completed form to the Activities Team on

You can read more about the process here.

The dates and deadlines for the 2018/19 Society Formations are:

Application deadline: 15 October
Formation meetings: 25 and 26 October

Application deadline: 3 December
Formation meetings: 10 and 11 December

Application deadline: 11 March
Formation meetings: 18 and 19 March

Dates for Your Diary

11 March: Form Submission Deadline

18 and 19 March: Presentation Days

Before you go ahead with your society's activities we’ll want to meet with you and find out a little more about you, why you want to form a society and what your plans for the society are. This is also your chance to find out about us and exactly what we can do to support you. The meeting will be with Lauren Huxley, the Activities Officer, along with an LUU member of staff who specialises in your area, and your Activity Rep. Ideally, we'd like all members of the proposed committee to be able to attend but we do know that timetabling might not allow for this.

19 March onwards: Formation Events

Once you’ve told us what you’re going to do, we’ll give you the opportunity to show us. You should stage an exciting event that demonstrates the kind of activities that you’ll be undertaking throughout your first year as a society and beyond. You should engage with as many and as diverse a range of students as possible. You can hold this event at any time, you will need to invite your activity rep who can be found on the representation part of the website. If for any reason neither your rep nor Lauren can attend your event, you can simply take photos and write a report of the event, and send it to

19 March onwards: Activities Executive Vote

The final decision for all society formations lies with the Activities Executive which is made up of 13 elected students (representing each of the activity categories that we have) and is chaired by the Activities Officer. They meet fortnightly during term time and will discuss your formation and take the final vote at the next possible opportunity after your formation event. You may well be invited to this meeting to answer any questions that they might have.

Once you are successful we will invite you into the union for a full committee induction (including showing you how to get the most out of us for your members and giving you advice on how best to make it through your first year) and set up your union webpage and bank account.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Student Activities team on or Clubs & Societies Coordinator Shona Henley at

All dates on this page are subject to change, please check back for more information.