Get the outgoing committee together with the incoming committee to prepare them for their year as a committee member, and introduce them to their individual roles.  All groups should have a typed handover document that they can update year-on-year, which will help retain all knowledge even when committee members leave the University.

Why is it important?

It makes sure there’s continuity between outgoing and incoming committees so that there can be long-term plans and development opportunities for the group. It prepares the new committee to pick up where the old committee left off with projects and plans, and also limits the risk of repeating mistakes made by previous committees. It's also the space for sharing contacts and knowledge, and for inspiring your successors.

When should we do a handover?

Ideally the handover should be done within a fortnight of the AGM. The latest a handover should be done is by the end of May, so that you can prepare the incoming committee in time for the summer.

Tips and tricks to a hell-of-a-handover

  • Different people respond/interact in different ways, so where possible, tailor the handover to different committee members.
  • Write down the ideas and knowledge in your head throughout the year - this will help you when it comes to typing up the full document.
  • Be honest. Whether that be about the realities of your particular role, or barriers you have faced this year. Honesty goes a long way!
  • Give them ideas and suggestions but don't hang over them.
  • Think of all the things you wish you'd know when you took over in the role.
  • Don't just hand over lots of text, make it visual - add in photos, videos, awards.
  • Look bigger and produce a historical log and collect examples of good practice over the years.
  • Using Google Apps will enable you to collaborate on the handover with the rest of your committee.
  • Include key contacts in LUU and the University that you have built up relationships with this year. Having a ‘Yellow Pages’ will save the incoming committee a lot of Googling of staff in September…
  • Share all your minutes and documents from the past year with them, so that they have solid examples of best practice and Society history, for reference.