What is BUCS?

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the governing body for university sport in the United Kingdom. They have around 6000 teams every year entered across more than 25 sports.

The BUCS Season

Varies depending on your sport, but the majority of leagues happen between October and March with games being played on Wednesdays. The two major events are Big BUCS Wednesday, the finale of the league and cup competition, with BUCS Nationals being the premier individual competition.

Things to know for BUCS fixtures

All fixtures are on the BUCS website. There are a few game day procedures to follow which will all be explained in captains training sessions at the beginning of the season. Our BUCS coordinator is always available to help out if needed.

Wednesday Afternoon Letter

Our Wednesday afternoon letter is an official document that highlights the University policy on keeping Wednesday afternoons (post 1pm) free for extra-curricular activities. This includes sport and society activities and encourages academic departments to consider this when planning lectures and other academic sessions. Students can use this as a means of mitigating an absence to lectures and other academic sessions through an informed agreement with their academic tutor, with assurances to catch up on any missed work. If you are part of a BUCS sports team, this letter will be sent out weekly by our Sports Coordinator to your captains.