Political & Campaigning

Amnesty International

LUU Amnesty International are a fully affiliated branch of the international human rights campaign

Animal Welfare

If you love animals and want to protect their welfare, join to share your concerns and create change.

Anti-Death Penalty Society

This group works to campaign against the death penalty, especially focussing on the USA’s legal penalty.

Black Feminist Society

This Society create a support space and sorority for women of colour in academia, meeting weekly.


As part of the youth wing of the Conservative Party, this society discuss issues important to young people.

Coppafeel! UK Uni Boob Team

We're on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer.


Support network, political platform and social society, join this cause to help raise awareness of feminist issues.

Freedom From Torture

This international campaign group holds fundraisers, film screenings, debates and lectures to bring this important work onto campus.

Friends of Irise

Friends of Irise is a student group connected to Irise International.

Friends of Medecins sans Frontieres

Help support this international medical humanitarian organisation through fundraising and promotion to kickstart conversation on this cause.

Global Justice Now

As part of the Global Justice Now youth network this group campaign against global inequality, challenging the powerful to create a more just and equal world.

Green Action

Let’s actually make change - take practical action on environmental, social and political issues with Green Action.

Green Party

Working with the Green Party, this society has environment-focused politics providing a friendly space for people to meet.


This Society brings Labour-supporting students together and fights for Labour values and campaign for Labour candidates.

Leeds Students for Women International

Work on long-term campaigns supporting and advocating for women’s rights to create long-lasting social and political change.


Learn about the fundamental principles of Marxist thought through regular meetings, talks and socials, and meet like-minded students.

ONE Leeds

They run student campaigns and events designed to encourage students to take practical action and fight against poverty.


A student led campaign group focussed on raising awareness of global issues through creative campaigns and petitions.

PIN Leeds (Practical Initiatives Network)

An open network for students, academics and development professionals with a mutual passion for international development.

Palestinian Solidarity Group

A group that campaign to raise awareness and support the humanitarian cause of Palestinians and end Israeli occupation.

People and Planet

Join students who campaign for a range of issues such as the arms trade and climate change.

Prison Reform

The oldest penal reform charity in the UK, the Howard League work meaningfully to create safer communities.


Change the way students voices are heard on all contemporary issues that could affect young people.

Save the Children

This international charity works with over 120 countries saving children’s lives and bringing hope to poor, vulnerable people.

Socialist Students

Campaign on issues facing students such as fees, cuts and housing with this democratic socialist organisation.

Students For Global Health

Students for Global Health Leeds is the local branch of the national organisation. We have a focus on World Health issues with a mission of education, advocacy and campaigning. All welcome.

Water Aid Society

Get involved with Water Aid to bring safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation to the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world.

Young Liberals

Join other young Lib Dems in Leeds, campaigning for personal freedoms, liberalism and human rights and socialising with fellow Liberal Democrats and politicos. (Previously Liberal Youth.)

Youth Stop AIDs

We are the Leeds branch of Youth Stop AIDS, a campaigning group who have the ultimate goal of ending AIDS by 2030. Join us in our campaigns, fundraising and lobbying to achieve this goal.