General Interest

Anime & Manga

Weekly anime screenings, gaming days, a huge lending library plus exclusive comic discounts. All fans and newcomers welcome.


Whether you're the next Picasso or can only draw stick men, join art society and develop your creative passions!


Gaze at the stars and learn about the wonders of the universe with activities such as overnight camping trips.


LUU Baking Society is a society for those that love all things baked. Whether making, creating or tasting is your thing join us to learn more or continue your hobby!

Book Club

Bookworms welcome to sack off the textbooks and get stuck into the good stuff, meetings every three weeks.

Bright Futures

Get yourself super employable and boost your CV skills at this career focused, national student society.

Change Ringers

Ring in those bells and make musical noise whether you’re an accomplished bellringer, complete novice, religious or not.


Beginners and chess masters welcome, partner up with someone of your ability and let the board battle commence.


We're here to teach you about all things cocktail-related.


Coffee connoisseurs taste roasts from across Leeds, train up at barista sessions and revel in your caffeine love.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Unite in your love of comics and graphic novels, access the shared library and fantastic comic book discounts.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

We aim to increase the awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


Bold beginners and experts, get together twice a week and test your debating skills, train and even compete.


If competitive gaming is at your core, battle it out at LAN parties and local tournaments.


Want to take your future into your own hands? Have an idea that you think will revolutionise the world? We're here to provide you a platform and the energy to seize opportunities and stand out


We hope to inspire the inspired by providing a platform for students to foster creativity.


Film lovers meet film lovers at the twice weekly free screenings plus access the vast film lending library.


Foodies unite. Sample the best culinary delights in Leeds, explore food festivals and have plenty of meals out.

HiTECH Innovation

We aim to bridge the gaps between innovative ideas and products, start-ups and investors. We welcome students from any discipline who are interested in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and startups!

Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service Society (HKPASS)

HKPASS is the Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society.

International Creative Writing

Our aim is to create a platform where students feel free to write in their native language.

Law 4 Non-Law

Considering a legal career but aren’t studying a law degree? Get the same access law students have.

Model UN

Put yourself in the real diplomat’s shoes and debate current affairs, strengthening your skills for a diplomacy career.


Transform paper into much more than a page. Your only limits are your imagination and fear of papercuts.


It’s time to catch ‘em all. Battle trainers, play the video and card games and have viewing marathons.

Real Ale

Raise your tankards it’s time to sample tasty ales, take tours of breweries and go to beer festivals.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Expect plenty of geeky goodness with card games, board games, socials and a book library.

Sign Language

Learn to speak with your hands alone and work your way towards official sign language qualifications.

Stitch 'n' Bitch

Whatever your preferred stitch (crochet, hand sewing, knitting), grab your needles and sew and chat alongside fellow crafters.

Trading & Investments

Investments, networking and socials. All areas of the financial industry covered.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Eat tonnes of tasty veggie food around Leeds and learn to make your own meat-free yumminess.

Video Gaming & Technology

Take time away from reality and make friends over your console. All welcome to bring any games.


Uncork some fine wines in an environment free from snobbery with Wine Society - grapes and japes guaranteed.

Women in Leadership

The Leeds Women in Leadership society is an entirely student-led initiative that exists to empower students to push beyond what they thought possible.


Develop your strength, flexibility and mindfulness at the Yoga Society’s wide range of classes, retreats, workshops and socials.