Adventist Students on Campus

We are a friendly, Christian faith society, who aim to help students gain a well-rounded education and find a family away from home. We believe in a holistic approach to student life and work together to help students excel in their academics, health and social and spiritual lives. We work to support every student on campus and warmly welcome all faiths and cultures! Look forward to meeting you soon!

Ahlul Bayt

Promote the message of Islam in a harmonious way through mutual understanding and respect in a diverse society.

Buddhist Meditation

Buddhists and non-Buddhists are welcome to get involved in meditation and mindfulness sessions, discussions, socials and retreats.


Socialise and get support from students who share your faith. With socials, Mass, meals out and hikes.

Christian Orthodox

Everyone regardless of faith and background are welcome. This Society hopes to share their faith with all students.

Christian Union

Christian Union is committed to living and speaking for Jesus and meet to pray, worship and study.

Hindu Students' Forum

Celebrate Hindu dharma and have a place to make new friends and celebrate events like Diwali.


If you culturally or religiously identify as Muslim, socialise with like-minded students and fundraise for charity.


Get stuck into the Jewish community on campus with Friday night dinners, regular shiurim and socials.


All Sikhs and non-Sikhs are welcome however religious you are. Learn about the Sikh religion and culture.

Student Christian Movement

A welcoming community of students who follow Jesus and build better relationships with each other and the world.