Quidditch is a mixed-gender, full-contact sport for two teams of seven players. There are over 300 teams across the world! The sport incorporates elements of rugby, dodgeball and basketball amongst other sports.

For more information on the quidditch rules and positions see: https://www.usquidditch.org/about/rules   OR  https://www.quidditchuk.org/

To view quidditch highlight reels visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOFsWSzrllIMqzVA4EdO7CA

Taking the sport seriously, the Leeds Griffins are always eager to accept new players with an athletic background and a competitive edge. However, we accommodate for all, so feel free to head along if you’re interested in playing a more chilled out sport with great people!

Contact us at leedsgriffinsquidditch@gmail.com