MicroSoc are here to help you blow off some of that studying steam. During the pandemic it's been super hard to get to know like-minded people micro enthusiasts and that's what we're here for!

We have plenty of socials planned for this year, and we’d love it if you can join! We are an inclusive society wit a love of microbiology, so come along anytime if you’re interested!

Here’s an little intro to the people running the society:
Hello! I’m Karen, the president of the microbiology society. I set up this society during the pandemic to help like-minded microbiology enthusiasts to get connected. As a society we aim to provide regular socials to get to know each other, keep people updated with novel research, and to create a microbiology careers network using members who have graduated and outside contacts. Feel free to message any of the committee for any questions or suggestions for socials you want to do!

Hey Guys. I’m Teagwen, the MicroSoc treasurer. I am in first year. I’m looking forward to helping to organise some socials and events, hopefully getting to meet you all in real life soon-ish! Particularly as a first year, this year has been very strange so far, so I think this will be a great way to meet some new people :))

Hi guys! I’m Maddie, the MicroSoc secretary, I’m 4th year MBiol Biological Sciences. I’ve created this group so we have a place to share events and updates and any socials we organise. Obviously this year has been different for everyone, but we hope this can be a place where you can meet new people, ask questions, have fun and learn things 🙂

Hi guys, my name’s Bella and I’m the Microbiology Social Sec. At the moment socials are a bit different than what they used to be but we’re working hard to provide some type of alternative way for everyone to meet up! If you have any ideas for online Socials/ film or book clubs/ anything we can do virtually then please message the committee. I’m really looking forward to running different events and, hopefully, providing a bit of a distraction from everything going on right now. Its easier than ever before to feel lonely and isolated so if you are struggling please feel free to dm me. Keep checking the Facebook page for updates on upcoming socials! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, Bella.

Please check out our fb page for updates on socials and buy the free microbiology membership from our shop to become an official member!

Contact us at bs17wtt@leeds.ac.uk