Malaysian and Singaporean Society

MASSOC helps Malaysian and Singaporean students transition from East to West to be as smooth as possible. Creating a 'home away from home' for our fellow Malaysian and Singaporean students.

Our main aim is to provide a sense of belonging to the Malaysian and Singaporean students in Leeds and promote the beautiful cultures of Malaysia and Singapore to everyone in the UK.

We have numerous activities every year, covering all types of interests from trips to night outings to cultural events.We value diversity and enriching our members’ experience during their time here at Leeds. MASSoc is a multi-cultural society welcoming local and international students.

Committee for 2020-2021 are:

Kamran Rajendran (President)

Chloe Wong (Vice President)

Soraya Yusof (Secretary)

Joshua Kiu ( Treasurer)

Qi Ler (Sports Director)

Aneeta Lingam (Technical Director)

Hui Yee (Publicity Director)

Annabelle Fong (Entertainment Director)

Janice Chong (Welfare Director)

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