Economics Society

Our mission is to preserve a sense of community around students either studying or interested in Economics in these unprecedented times.

We will be hosting a variety of academic, social and career-based events throughout the year. These will take place either online or in-person depending on government and LUU guidelines.

Expect Q&As, debates and interviews with academics, professionals and even politicians. Last year Hilary Benn, local MP and former chairman of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, joined us for an hour-long Q&A ahead of the General Election.

Virtual Pub Quizzes and other creative solutions will fill the social void for the time being but get ready to have some fun once it is safe to do so.

Alongside hosting these events, we also directly communicate with the academic department to further our aim of improving the overall academic and social experience of the Economics community. Join and have your voice heard!

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