Accounting & Finance (FABSoc)

If you’re interested in finance, accounting or business join to enjoy career events, socials and exclusive local discounts.


We are a society for anyone who is interested in the actuarial career paths.

Advertising, Marketing & PR (AMP)

Fancy a career in Advertising, Marketing or PR? Join our society and explore what these areas involve through marketing projects, networking opportunities and workshops.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

We are the University of Leeds' Student Chapter of the AAPG.


For all things Aviation. It helps those with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for aviation to endeavour their interests whilst having a cracking time along the way.


Anyone looking for a future career as a Barrister, it's time to step up to the bar.

Biological Sciences

Academic and social events are on offer for Biological Sciences students so you can socialise outside the classroom.


School of Biology students can spark friendships from across the faculty and partake in socials, sports and events.

Business (LUBS)

Business School students can benefit from a vast business network with career events alongside socials and sports. Throughout the year, we bring hundreds of students together to enhance their university experience.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering students can get away from the classroom with socials, industrial talks and the SCAPE Ball.


Chemistry students, step away from the Bunsen burner and meet your peers in social settings and at career events! We provide a range of socials both drinking and non-drinking as well as two sports teams to meet new peers.

Civil Engineering

Meet students from across the School of Civil Engineering, socialise and even pick up some coursework pointers.


Classics enthusiasts are all welcome to join in with academic and social activities held throughout the year.



Computing students and enthusiasts can get stuck in with hackathons, coding challenges, gaming nights and lots of free pizza.



Improve your employability with real world consulting projects and network with mentors and professionals.

Criminal Justice

The official society for Criminology and Criminal Justice students. Open to anyone with an interest in the above areas!

Cutting Edge

As your academic society of the year in 2019, Cutting Edge Leeds is your one-stop-shop for all things surgery.

Data Science

For anyone who loves data science; exchange techniques, information and develop your understanding through Data Science Soc.


Dental School students can get involved in a packed calendar of activities including the classy dental ball.

Design (SODS)

Design students can get stuck in to loads of trips, events, socials, industry talks and exclusive discounts.

Earth Sciences (RocSoc)

RocSoc is open to everyone interested in rocks and socialising. With weekly events such as otley runs and club nights out as well as the annual residential trip.

East Asian Research

Learn all about East Asia through conferences, talks, trips and plenty of socials including Spill The Cha and Beers with EARS.

Economic Geologists (SEG)

Get a taste of the mineral exploration and extraction business and all it has to offer.


The Economics Society is both an academic and social society. We host talks from esteemed academics, as well as putting on fantastic social events and more.


EdSoc organises regular socials, events and trips to allow all students interested in education the chance to socialise and expand their opportunities at university


Expand your university experience with regular socials, career events, sports teams and UK and international trips away.


EnviroSoc is for anybody interested in the Environment. Come along and get involved!

European Law Students' Association

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) is an international network of students and young professionals with an interest in law and human rights.

Food Science

Food Science and Nutrition students are in for a treat with plenty of socials involving food, drink and fun.


Expect French food and drink tasting, language practice and plenty of French culture! All Francophiles welcome.

Gastroenterology (Gut Soc)

We aim to increase awareness on various prevalent diseases relevant to the field of gastroenterology and also provide a platform for students from different educational backgrounds, whether in 1st or 3rd year.


Welcome to Leeds GeogSoc, here to help all Leeds Geography students get the most out of their time at university.


From fortnightly Kaffee and Kuchen, to the annual Berlin trip at Christmas; all lovers of Deutsches Bier and Bratwurst are invited.

Healthcare Innovation Team

Whatever your career goal is in the healthcare sector, this society are here to help you reach it.


Socialise with fellow History students at regular socials and attend our exclusive trips abroad, Christmas Ball and award-winning Careers Networking Dinner.

International Business

Anyone interested in a career in International Business, boost yourself up the career ladder with this society.


Feel like you’re in Rome with a trip to Italy, Italian speaking coffee mornings and film nights.

LUUSci Magazine

Want to share your love for science? Why not write for LUUSci an award-winning online science magazine.


Aspiring lawyers boost your way to passing the bar with career events plus socialise with coursemates.

Law 4 Non-Law

Considering a legal career but aren’t studying a law degree? Get the same access law students have.

Leeds Media Students

Media and Communications students are welcome to join for career development events and a huge range of socials.

Leeds Oral Medicine and Surgery

We are a society that aims at both medical and dental students – where we give our members the opportunity to learn and practice advance surgical skills that are not routinely thought within the university.

Liberal Arts

Get to know your course mates outside of lectures through socials, weekly meet ups and a buddy system to add to your university experience.


Linguistics students can socialise and get academic support with a second year buddy on hand to help.

Marine Science & Conservation

MSC Society is dedicated to spreading awareness about our wonderful seas and oceans.


Meet fellow maths lovers, enjoy loads of amazing socials, join sports teams and gain support in your studies.

Mechanical Engineering

Meet other students on your course by joining our sports teams or coming to our socials that we run throughout the year including our Spring Ball!

Medical Students' Representative Council (MSRC)

The Council is made up of elected Medical students and represents all Medical students, campaigning on their behalf.


MedSoc helps Medical students work hard and play harder with a Spring Ball, cocktail parties and exclusive discounts.


Love the Middle Ages? Come join a diverse community of medievalists for academic and social events!


We're a society of microbiologists, microbiology enthusiasts and just those who like a good night out! Join us to meet like-minded people and have a good laugh along the way!

Middle Eastern Studies

Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies students socialise with classmates at food tasting, coffee mornings and academic drop-ins.


LUU Midwifery Society aims to provide exciting and engaging maternity based events for student midwives and all those interested in midwifery.

Natural Sciences

We are a society aimed at Natural Sciences and Chemistry & Maths students. Studying an interdisciplinary degree can often be challenging; that's where we come in.

Neural Networks

For undergrads, by undergrads. An upcoming journal club about the fascinating world of neuroscience.


Student nurses, get to know your classmates outside of the classroom and feel supported in your studies.

Performance & Cultural Industries

Students of Performance and Cultural Industry courses, spread your creative wings and collaborate with peers on exciting projects.

Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Get a step on the career ladder in the industries of global oil, gas and petrochemical. Our aim is predominantly to make our members to develop their network in the most enjoyable way!


Philosophical thinkers, share your musings with fellow philosophers and enjoy socials and activities throughout the year.

Physician Associate

We aim to bring together Physician Associates to create a long-lasting alumni network.


Meet your fellow physics students in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our various socials including bowling, pub quizzes and nights out!

Politics & International Studies

Get to know students across the School of Politics and International Studies with trips, socials and talks.

Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)

Meet classmates from across the faculty to help you crack that coursework and make some friends.

Product Design

Widen your social circles by making some cross department friends in the department of Product Design.

Psyched (Psychiatry)

If you’re interested in mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding it, get involved with Psyched.


Make friends across Psychology, take part in career events and socials and even fundraise for charity.

Radiography (RadSoc)

If quiz nights, meals out, day trips and X-Rays are things you enjoy – you’ll want to join RadSoc.

Russian & Slavonic

If you're studying Russian or a Slavonic language, or are from one of the countries themselves, SLAVsoc is the society for you!

Science with Enterprise

Science with Enterprise society aims to bring science and business students together.

ShockSoc logo


Electrical Engineering Society open for Elec students and hobbyist. Host of Robot Fighting League.

Sociology & Social Policy (SocSoc)

Meet your course mates, get involved in academic and non-academic activities, join our sports teams or get involved in volunteering, all through SocSoc.

Spanish, Latin American & Portuguese

Whether you fancy the odd bebida or our fun-filled trip to Spain, SLAPSoc welcomes all Hispanic enthusiasts to join the fiesta!

Sports & Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science students can unwind at socials, enter sports leagues and get gear and equipment discounts.

Students Women's Engineering Society

Create stronger networking links between women in engineering and promote diversity in the workplaces you’ll be entering.

Theology & Religion (TRS)

If you study anything to do with Theology or Religion, or are taking a discovery module to do with Theology or Religion, then join us for socials and events!