Cash Office, Funding and Sponsorship

Cash Office

The Cash Office is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, throughout the year. We're open out of term and only shut for weekends and public holidays.

You can contact the team via the address below.

Contact the cash office team

Take the Cash Office test

Each group can have up to three committee members as signatories for their accounts. These are usually the President, Treasurer and Secretary but you can decide who is most suitable for your group.

In order to become a signatory you must first read through this guide, and then complete a quick quiz to check you have an idea about the processes involved in using your accounts.

When you have completed the quiz, you will need to bring a copy of the certificate (printed or a photo/screenshot) to the Cash Office Counter. We will need to see your student card before you can sign your group’s signatory sheet, so remember to bring it with you. We cannot accept other forms of ID because it is the proof that you're a student we need.

Please be aware, you must be registered with Student Activities as a committee member before we will let you sign onto the accounts.

Once at least two people are signed on as signatories, you will be authorised to use your account.

All full Clubs and Societies have at least two accounts with LUU; a Club/Society Account and a Grant Account. Sports clubs will also have a Kit Account and some societies may have a Ball or Charity Account. If you want to know about the accounts your club or society has then please speak to the Cash Office.

All accounts have a unique code which will be two letters followed by a number (example: XX1). You can find out your account codes via Student Activities or the Cash Office.

Club/Society Account
Your Club/Society account is the main account for you to pay things in or out of. You can spend money from your club/society account on whatever you choose – providing it is for your club/society and its members. If you receive Give It A Go incentive funding, this will go into this account.

Grant Account
Your Grant Account is the account which will receive any grants/funding paid to your group by LUU (exc. GIAG Funding). This includes: LUU Grants and Sports Funding.

This fund will normally be restricted so you can only spend it on certain things. Ask at the Cash Office for more information as this varies for each Club/Society.

Account Info
You must use your account for ALL transactions involving your society.

Your accounts have to be auditable; which means that if an external body examined them they would have to be fair and accurate. As such you must pay into your account any money you receive for your group, and pay out all expenditure from your account. We have to be able to trace all money coming into and out of the account, so if you have change left over from a cash advance, you must pay it back into the account.

Part of the agreement of being a Club or Society within Leeds University Union is that your group do not have any external bank accounts. If suspicion is raised that your group have an external bank account, this will be raised with the Student Activities Manager and Activities Exec to decide upon action.

You should try to take all income via your LUU website shop, but we appreciate this will not always be possible.
Remember to deposit all money you take into your account, and that anyone can pay into your account, not just committee members.
There are three ways to pay into your club/society’s account:
  • Cash (at the counter)
  • Cheque (at the counter)
  • Credit/Debit Card (at the counter)
  • Bank Transfer
If you are paying in cash you must first fill in the pink Paying In Slip with all the details of the deposit. If you have any problems filling in the form, please ask at the counter.
Make sure you write the values in (in £), tick a box for the type of income, and make sure the description is clear and makes sense to you. Then put your account code and club/society name in the relevant boxes and put your name on.
Remember that anyone can pay money into the account.
Once complete, hand this in and we'll check the cash, sign it to confirm it’s correct, and give you a copy for your records.
The same pink paying-in slip is used for depositing cheques, but must be put on a separate form to any cash.
Cheques need to be made payable to “Leeds University Union”. Any other payee may not be accepted, as there is a chance it will not clear the bank.
Again, we’ll check the slip and give you a copy for your records.
Credit/Debit Card
It is also possible to pay larger deposits into your account at the counter using a credit or debit card. Fill in a pink paying-in slip and go to the counter as usual.
Unfortunately, we cannot use this function for deposits under £50.
Bank Transfer
We now allow you to pay in funds by bank transfer – please come to the Cash Office and speak to us about this as there are restrictions.
To pay money out of your account, whether it is in cash or a bank transfer, any club/society member must complete a request on Student Group Finance, and it’ll need to be approved by following the instructions in documents below:

SGF Training – Members

SGF Training – Approvers

For a cash advance you will be allowed to withdraw the money on the proviso that the invoices/receipts are provided within 10 working days – if they are not returned within this time frame your account will be frozen until the receipts are returned.
Floats: You can withdraw a float in the same way as a cash advance, but the maximum float is £50. A member should complete the request on SGF and let us know what is needed in the float (e.g. £50 of £1 coins and £10 of 50p). You will have 10 working days to return the float, and it must be paid back in separate to any other money you have received, making sure you indicate the reference number from the request.
If your account is frozen you will not be able to pay money out of the account, in cash or through BACS transfer.
There are two main ways to pay money out of your account:
  • Cash 
  • BACS (Bank Transfer)
Up to £200 cash per day can be withdrawn from your club/society account providing you have the money in your account (£50 for floats).
Any member of your club/society can be the payee (receive the money). This must be picked up in person by the payee - you cannot collect money on their behalf - and they must have some form of ID with them.
You can pay out any amount by bank transfer, providing you have the money in your account.
We do a BACS payment run once a week. The deadline for getting a payment onto that week's payment run is 4.30pm on Tuesday, otherwise we cannot guarantee it will be paid that week. It will usually credit the payees account on the Friday.
Be aware: during busy term time periods it can take up to 10 working days.
If you are worried about an urgent payment being made on time, talk to the Cash Office and they will do their best to ensure your payment is made as soon as possible.
If we are reimbursing members for £500.00 or more because they have paid for something on behalf of your Club/Society then we will require a copy of their bank statement to prove they spent the money as claimed.
For any payments over £1000.00, we will also need to see proof of the recipients' bank details whether on an invoice, a letter on headed-paper or at the least an e-mail from the recipient. If you don't provide this, there will be a delay on making the payment.
Foreign Currency Payments
It is possible for us to make payments to foreign bank accounts on your behalf. Please be aware that you will be charged a fee for making a payment in a foreign currency (anything from £5-£30 depending on the currency and how the bank process it).
In order to make these payments, you’ll need to complete a green form at the Cash Office (SGF doesn’t accept foreign account details) and we will need more details as below:
  • The name of the company
  • The IBAN or account number (where IBAN is not used)
  • The SWIFT / BIC / Clearing Code

We'll need to see this information on an invoice or in an e-mail from the payee.

Please note, we can pay in most major foreign currencies, but not all of them.
To access Student Group Finance, go to the club and society portal and find the club/society you wish to process a payment request through from the categories. The SGF Finance link will appear at the top of the next screen once you click on the club/society name. 

Transferring Money Between Groups
If you want to transfer money to another society, or move money between your own accounts, please complete the “Transfer Request” Google form from the yellow box below.
Make sure that you have entered details into all the fields before you request the transfer. Transfers are processed on a Thursday afternoon; you'll receive an e-mail once this has been processed.

If you would like us to invoice someone on your behalf (for payment of sponsorship or services) please complete an “Invoice Request Form”. Return this to the Cash Office either in person or via email.

Please make sure you complete all fields, attach any evidence of the transaction thus far, and in the case of sponsorship, include a copy of a signed contract detailing the sponsorship agreement.

Book Sales & Mass Refunds
If you’re running a book sale or need to refund a large amount of people, we can help to make the process more simple for you. Simply collect the relevant data from those you are paying (name, bank details and e-mail address) and input it onto a spreadsheet. Then print this off, and attach it to a single green expenses form which you can then have authorised by a signatory and submit it to the Cash Office. Please request this from the Cash Office by emailing

Selling Products Online
You should sell memberships, events, trip tickets and kit etc through your webpage.

For help setting up payments on your webpage please contact the Student Activities Admin team at

Card Machines
You should try and sell everything through the website.

If not, It is possible to loan a card machine to collect money for kits, book sales, ball tickets etc. But NOT membership - Please process all membership purchases through the website.

In order to book a card machine for your society please email indicating what day(s) and time you'd like to hire it.

*Unfortunately, due to high demand it is not possible to loan a card machine during Freshers week.

Direct Debits
Do you want to allow your Alumni members to donate to your Club/Society? Now you can! If you wish to set up a Direct Debit please contact the Cash Office at

Bars / Venues / Gear
It is possible to arrange a tab directly with any of our bars and venues, the money will be taken from your account directly. You can also arrange 3-course meals, Christmas Dinners or (in the summer) BBQs for your society.

You can also hire any of our venues by emailing with basic event details (i.e. club night/ live music event/ comedy showcase and proposed opening times and dates) and in return you will receive an event proposal form.

If you wish to order hoodies (etc) from Gear, again we can arrange to take the money directly from your account when the order is made. Please ask in the GEAR shop for more details.

Follow the links below for statement and transfer requests:

Statement Request

Transfer Request

Want to apply for funding for your club and society? Find the full list of funding opportunities here.



Funding Opportunities

LUU Grant

This funding avenue is available for any club or society that isn’t receiving Leeds Sports Funding. There are 5 opportunities throughout the year for clubs and societies to put forward applications, please note that clubs need to have existed for a minimum of 12 months for this grant. If you have any questions about the new application form please contact 

Application deadlines:

  • 17 October
  • 21 November
  • 30 January
  • 5 March 
  • 14 May




Leeds Sports Funding

This is applicable to all of our Leeds Gryphons Clubs* that can contribute to travel, competition, coaching, venue hire, officials and necessary accommodation. Clubs that have access to Sports Funding are contacted at the start of the academic year.

*Leeds Gryphons status subject to availability, facility space and application process (to be introduced in 2019).

Speak to the sports clubs manager for more information on your clubs sports funding


New Activity Grant

For clubs that have just been created, or have existed for less than 12 months, you can apply for up to £250 to kick start your new club or society. Please email for an application form. 


Leeds for Life

This funding is headed by our University Alumni office of up to £500, which focuses on skills development and expanding horizons. Common funding applications include coaching and first aid courses, community projects and conferences. There are 2 deadlines per year, please get in touch with the University alumni office to enquire.


Footsteps Fund

Also headed by Leeds Alumni office, this funding is tailored towards one-off purchases (£800+) that have a legacy impact or sustainable future within a club or society. The purchases involved commonly software installations and upgrades, events (subject to review of how this achieves a legacy) and general equipment purchases. Please get in touch with the LUU finance office to send applications in the first instance.




Crowdfunding is a new crowdfunding platform, hosted by the University of Leeds. The platform is a fast, easy and incredibly rewarding way to get money for your clubs and societies, so you can see the benefits of your hard work. Projects which are suitable for this platform:

  • Funding a new piece of equipment for a sports team or society
  • Supporting performances and theatrical productions
  • Hiring equipment or specialists to increase skills and standards
  • Showcasing Leeds students through Competition entry
  • Helping Leeds students get out into the community

Contact if you’re interested or have an idea…


Fundraising League

Each year Activities challenge clubs and societies to raise more money than they raised previously. Societies are against themselves only but can also nominate themselves for awards too. If you reach your target you will receive £100 and if you win an award you can win another £100. Activities will help support you on your fundraising adventure to help you reach your target through 1-2-1 meetings and fundraising workshops.

Applications for 2019/20 are now closed.


Accessibility Fund

The Accessibility Fund is a pot of money that students and clubs and societies can apply into, in order to provide extra support for students who have any accessibility needs to access co-curricular activities or to aid in the facilitation of more accessible events. You can apply into this fund at anytime of the year, as and when it is needed.

Please send applications to 




All our Clubs and Societies are encouraged to find group sponsorship to help them to develop and grow their activities and we have some great examples of groups who have strong, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with companies and organisations both local and national.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Club or Society, you can have a look at all our groups here and their contact detailsIf you have any general questions about sponsoring groups please contact us here.

Based on welfare and ethical concerns LUU has a duty of care to make sure we do not allow the following industries, companies, groups or products to advertise in LUU. The following companies are banned:

  • Tobacco or nicotine companies
  • Casinos and gambling companies/websites to include e.g. bingo and lottery
  • Housing agents and landlords that do not adhere to the code of standards supplied by Unipol (Advice to provide an updated regular list) and not charge fees
  • Companies promoting financial credit or money lending e.g. quick credit websites; payday loan companies, credit cards and private companies promoting student loans 
  • Arms companies  
  • Companies involved in the sex industry, including topless bars and online sex services
  • Companies that test on animals for non-medical purposes
  • Companies that want to promote medical testing
  • Jobs that are paid on a commission only basis
  • All essay proofreading, checking and writing services e.g. Studypool
  • Groups that fall out of line with our no platform policy

Clubs seeking alcohol manufacturer company (e.g. Smirnoff or Tetleys) sponsorship must discuss this with the Activities Officer first.

There is no blanket ban on commercial companies – including restaurants, bars, pubs and shops – except for when the company comprises the above categories.