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External Speakers

The process below is in place to make sure we can continue to invite a diverse range of speakers onto campus and that we don’t have to refuse platform to anyone.

An external speaker counts as anybody who is not a member of your society coming to do a talk, hold a workshop, host an event or debate an issue.

University staff count as an external speaker if they are not coming to speak on their speciality area, i.e. if a French professor is coming to talk about French studies, that’s fab and they don’t need an External Speaker Form. But if they were coming to talk about public transport in Britain then they would need an External Speaker Form.

Step One

Whether you are inviting an external speaker on to campus or off campus, if it is part of your society event you need to fill out this form at least two weeks before the event.

If you’ve got more than one external speaker coming to the same event, they can all be noted in one form.

Step Two

A trained member of LUU staff will determine if the speaker is potentially high-profile or controversial and you will either:

  • Be told you are able to go ahead with the event
  • Invited to a meeting so we can talk through your event and see whether you need any additional support, make sure the event is managed well, and that the risks are assessed. You’ll be asked to fill out another form too which we will send to you before the meeting.

Food Hygiene

If you are planning to have food at your event there are a couple of things you need to think about. If you are planning on providing homemade food for your members, at least one member of your society must have a food hygiene certificate. This person can then oversee the making of the food which is made to be served. If the food is hot you must be able to keep the food at a specific temperature- we can provide thermometers if needs be. To gain a food hygiene certificate please email with your full name, email address, student number and society name.

Before your event you must supply the following to 7 days before:

  • Copy of the food hygiene training and certification of staff serving the food
  • Copy of the menu
  • Copy of the risk assessment for the preparation, cooking and service of food
  • A method statement for the service of food
  • Details of where and when the food will be served within LUU (time, date and place)

If you are providing food from an external food provider we would need the following information 7 days in advance of your event:

  • Public liability insurance certificate with a minimum of £10 million cover
  • Copy of EHO rating with a minimum of 3-star rating
  • Copy of food hygiene training and certification of staff serving the food
  • Copy of menu
  • Copy of risk assessment for the preparation, cooking and service of food
  • Method statement for the service of food
  • Proof of PAT testing for electrical equipment within the past 12 months
  • Details of where and when the food will be served within LUU – time, date and place

The food must be provided by one of the approved suppliers which are:

  • Opposite Catering - Louise Henry 0113 243132
  • Ambassador Catering - Dana Russell 0113 2868998
  • Rutland Catering - Paul Holden 0113 2866271
  • Mylahore - Shahid Ali 01274 952111
  • Aagrah - 0113 2455667

This information needs to be provided to

If you have any questions about this please contact activities or email

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Whether you're looking to book a space in the Uni, or one of our Union venues or dance studios, we can get your sorted. 

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The Help & Support team will request a room for you and let you know within one week of receiving your booking - please make sure to give at least one week's notice for any booking requests.

You'll get a formal confirmation email for your booking.

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