Chilean Mural Restoration Project

About the Mural

During a building upgrade in 2017 we uncovered a hidden Chilean mural.

Painted in 1976 by Chilean students and activists who left their home country to escape persecution, it represents their efforts to draw attention to General Pinochet’s regime in Chile and acts as a symbol of workers solidarity, a crucial part of Chilean heritage.

An example of LUU’s own rich heritage in supporting student political expression, it also reminds us of the importance and value in welcoming refugees into our communities.

The restoration was completed with funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and by artist Kasia Breska.

The project has re-established the mural’s cultural significance as a piece of community and political art within both the Chilean and local communities. 

Conversations with the Chilean Community

Visit the Mural

The mural is held within one of our student advice rooms, so if you'd like to see the mural for yourself, planning in advance is key.

Contact Sally on to arrange a viewing. 

Access online resources 

We have a range of media resources from the Pinochet regime which reflects life in Leeds for the Chilean community and the activist movement in Leeds to support the community.

If you'd like access to the online resources contact us on

We'd love to thank Sue Buckle who lent us all the archive material so we could ensure it could be digitised.