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What we’re all about

Leeds Celtics are the number one University Cheerleading team in the UK. They have four teams - co-ed and all-girl competitive squads, competitive pom dance squad and a match team - who are all about fun, determination and sportsmanship. Leeds Celtics are one of the University of Leeds’ most successful sports clubs that boasts over 10 years of award-winning seasons. We train weekly and sessions are ran by the creative and highly experienced coaches who are also Celtic and University of Leeds Alumni.

New members have a fantastic opportunity to develop strength, fitness and flexibility alongside a friendly and outgoing group of cheerleaders.




What they do: Gryphons is our top-level competitive team (Level three) who are one of the most successful in the country. We are the longest running COED team and aim to continue this legacy this year. Level three cheerleading incorporates harder stunts, tumbling (including standing flicks, jump to flicks, roundoff tucks, roundoff flick tucks ext..), jumps and dance.

Who we’re looking for: All boys, more experienced cheerleaders, gymnastics looking to transfer to cheerleading 2019 routine 2018 routine



When? Tuesdays & Thursdays 

What Time? 8:00pm – 10:00pm (Tues) 8:30-10:30pm (Thurs)

Where? Cromer Terrace (Tues) & White Rose (Thurs)






What they do: Eagles are our highly successful All-Girl level 2 team, who placed top 3 in every competition last year. Eagles allow those who are new to competitive cheer to experience competitions and learn cheerleading at a fast pace. Level two cheerleading incorporates stunts, tumbling (including standing flicks, walkovers, roundoff flick), jumps and dance. 

Who we’re looking for: cheerleaders, gymnastics, those who have never done cheer but are athletic, dedicated and driven to learn and compete with a successful sports team. 2019 routine 2018 routine



When? Mondays

What Time? 8:30pm – 11:30pm

Where? Gym Magic




STUNT GIAG: Tues Oct 1st, Cromer Terrace, 6-8 OR 8-10





What they do: Phoenix is our 2-time Grand Champion winning Pom Team making them the most successful Pom team in the country for both 2018-2019 season. Pom is a fast paced dance routine with pom poms which incorporates jumps, kicks and advanced dance skills such as leaps, pirouettes and free-cartwheels. 

Who we’re looking for: dancers, those who want to be involved in a dance based cheer rather than stunt  2019 routine 2018 routine 



When? Wednesdays and Fridays

What Time? 1-2 (Wed) 5-7 (Fri)

Where? Mango studios, Union (Wed) Cromer Terrace (Fri)





What they do: Lions is our non-competitive performance team who perform at the half time of sports matches for teams such as American Football and Rugby ext. Lions allows girls the chance to perform outside of a competition session, learning the basics of stunting and cheerleading.  

Who we’re looking for: anyone who is committed and wants to learn new things or perform at matches showcase 2019


When? Tuesday 

What Time? 6-7 OR 7-8 (depending on team placement)

Where? Cromer Terrace

 Please note all Lions members have to be available for every match which are held on either Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays or Sundays. Matches are held either every week or every other week depending on fixtures. Matches are compulsory just as training.










 This is a compulsory session and a great opportunity that allows teams to see the other routines and get used to performing in front of an audience. Tickets can be purchased for family and friends to come along and see what you have been working on. 

8th February 2019 at the Edge


Whole society Friday Training

These extra training sessions are usually attended by all competition teams and are used as a final practice before the Sunday Competitions (see below). However, this Friday will also be attending by both Lions teams to prepare for the Saturday showcase. These training sessions are held at White Rose Cheerleading Gym 8:30-10:30. This Friday training sessions are mandatory for all society members. 

Friday 7th February






1)  Future Cheer University Nationals, Manchester Central, Manchester – 16th February

 2)  Circus Spectacular, English Institute of Sport, Sheffield – 8th March

 3)  ICC British Open, Motorpoint Area, Nottingham – 29th March



Christie Cup

This year Leeds is hosting the Christie Cup. Last year was the first time Celtics competed with just our pom team (who came 1st place). This year we are looking for level 2 also to compete and level 3 to showcase. This is a really fun day and a great way to end competition season. This usually held after the Easter break but the date is TBA.







As you may already know, in addition to training and performing, another huge part of joining a sports society is the socials! Our society is renowned for our socials, great nights out and some memorable trips.  We team up with other societies- including Rugby, Lacrosse, American Football and Basketball - to create incredible socials! We also host ‘special socials’ such as Thanksgiving and Christmas meal, AGM and the end of Year ball. So, make sure you keep your Wednesday nights free for the foreseeable future as this is the all-important sports night. For all you newbies, every week is FANCY DRESS, so be prepared to get creative!



Every year Celtics go on tour at Easter and this year is no different, ask any returner who’s been on tour before and they’re sure to tell you it was one of the best weeks of their lives! You’ll make friends for life and are sure to come home with some amazing memories and cracking stories to tell, tour dates will be announced after team placement!  




Due to Cheerleading being a demanding sport, we have extra training sessions throughout the year, especially leading up to competitions, to ensure that we remain successful competitively.

 Extra Weekend training:

These trainings are taken by our two external All Star cheerleading coaches who choreograph our routines. These training sessions are held at White rose Cheerleading Gym: Eagles from 10:30-2 and Gryphons from 2:30-6:30. All Saturday training sessions are mandatory.

 Sat 2nd Nov;      Sat 9th Nov;      Sat 30th Nov;      Sat 25th Jan;      Sat 22nd Feb

 Extra Friday training:

These extra training sessions are attended by all competition teams and are used as a final practice before the Sunday Competitions. These training sessions are held at White Rose Cheerleading Gym 8:30-10:30. All Friday training sessions are mandatory.

Fri 7th Feb;      Fri 14th Feb;     Fri 6th Mar;     Fri 27th Mar










Cheerleading can be an expensive sport, but we aim to make the price as small as possible for our members through university funding and sponsorship deals. Rather than paying as you go for competitions / matches as many other teams do, we put our membership fees in a block payment that coincide with the student loan payment as this has worked best in previous years. Our membership cost includes:

 -       Training-       - Venue hire-       - Coaches-       -Transport-       -Competitions-       -Insurance-       

-Membership t-shirt / gift-       -Bow-       -Poms (pom team only)-       -Music-       Revs card-


Uniform is bought separately from the membership as this is only bought in your first year and usual lasts for your whole time at uni. The breakdown of membership price will be fully explained at the GIAG!







It is super important you get the answers you need, if you have any questions please contact us VIA our email and social media accounts. Please also follow our social media accounts to keep updated on everything coming up in the next couple weeks.


Our Instagram @uniofleedscheer

Our Facebook: Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders

Our Youtube: Leeds Celtics


Or alternatively message our captain or coaches on facebook for specific questions

Captain: Josie Symons 
Competition Head Coach: Natalie Keyte

Gryphons Coaches: Lauren Dalton, Alisha Phillips

Eagles Coaches: Megan Davis Elkington, Alisha Phillips,

Pom Coaches: Elizabeth McNulty, Leah Whitney
Match Coaches: Maddie Bonser, Jessie Smith


Cant wait to see you soon! 



























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