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Sport Colours
  • Leeds University Union has one of the largest BUCS programmes in the country with 77 BUCS teams and 32 BUCS Championship Individual events entered by our members

  • There are currently 38 Sports,11 Martial Arts and 18 outdoor clubs

  • 13000 people attended the Varsity finale rugby match at Headingley stadium

Sports Colours 2016

03 May

The annual Sports Colours Awards celebrates the success of all of our Leeds Sport participants throughout the year. There were 383 nominations this year. Nominations have now closed and detailed below are this year’s Club Colours, Full Colours, White Rose and Gryphon Award winners followed by those shortlisted for our other awards. 

Nominations have now closed



The Shortlist

Club Colours Award Winners

Check out all our winners here!

Full Colours Award winners

Check out all our winners here!

The Gryphon Award Winners

  • Serena Mida (Women’s Badminton)
  • Amber Brennan (Karate)
  • Oliver Thornton (Karate)
  • Richie Wilebore (Kickboxing)
  • Beatrice Skingsley  (Netball)
  • Megan Clarke (Netball)
  • Christian Davies  (Men’s Cricket)
  • Caitlin Baty (Lacrosse)


The White Rose Award Winners

  • Joshua Irish (Ice Hockey)
  • Karyna Nadyrshyna (Dancesport)
  • Alex Gunn (Football)
  • Laura Kennea (Hockey)
  • Mara West (Women’s Cricket)
  • Rhoslyn Roebuck Williams (Women’s Cricket)
  • Callum Craven (Boxing)
  • Ruan Shah (Men’s Hockey)
  • Hazel Cox (Women’s Rugby)
  • Charli Harboard (Men’s Rugby Union)
  • Gaby Noe (Women’s Football)
  • Aidan Radford (Judo)


Official of the Year shortlist

  • Andy Jepson (Football)
  • Hannah Clark (Development Netball)
  • Josephine Paul (Development Netball)


Social League Team of the Year shortlist

  • Slapit soc football
  • Development Netball
  • SPSC Netball


Sue Jacklin Club coach of the Year shortlist

  • Oliver Thornton (Karate)
  • Chris Golding (Hockey)
  • Greg Hull (Cross Country)
  • Iason Tzouriadis   (Ice Hockey)
  • Aidan Radford (Judo)


Mike Brook Performance Coach of the Year shortlist

  • Chris Stothard (Swimming)
  • Tom Millbank (Badminton)
  • Nick Manning (S&C)
  • Mark Luffman (Rugby Union)
  • Rob Kiss (Fencing)
  • Keith Sandu (Rugby league)


Mike Brook Most Improved Team of the year shortlist

  • Women’s  fencing 1’s
  • Swimming performance squad
  • Women’s football 2’s
  • Men’s hockey 4’s
  • Cricket men’s 3’s
  • Cheerleading Pom Team


Chris Hatton Award for Most Improved Athlete shortlist

  • Will Nolan (Swimming)
  • Sophie Mclaren (Cheerleading)
  • Amber Brenan (Karate)
  • Matthew Booth (DanceSport)
  • Kenza Gray (Ice Hockey)


Roberts Award for Most Outstanding Athlete shortlist

  • Gordon Benson (Triathlon)
  • Nina Charlotte Brown (Ice Hockey)
  • Kim Daybell (Table tennis)
  • Ben Sneesby (Para-skiiing)


Team of the year shortlist

  • Snooker
  • Triathlon development team
  • Women’s football 1’s
  • Men’s Cricket 2’s
  • Women’s fencing 1’s


Club of the year shortlist

  • Netball
  • Cheerleading
  • Men’s Rugby Union
  • Badminton
  • Women’s Rugby
  • Women’s Hockey


Winners will be announced at the Sports Colours Awards on Wednesday 27th April.