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The Riley Awards 2016

The Riley Awards are back bigger and better for 2016. Join us on Friday 29th April for a spectacular evening where we celebrate the achievements of our 300+ amazing clubs and societies. It promises to be a thrilling evening with plenty of surprises.

The Leeds University Union building will transform into a Riley’s showcase from 6pm with doors to the show in the Refectory opening at 7:30pm. Make sure you’re there ready for the show starting promptly at 8pm.

A message from your LUU Activities Officer – Piers Cottee-Jones
I am delighted to announce the Riley’s shortlist for 2016! This year has seen some awesome activity from our clubs and societies and this was reflected in us having 521 nominations!

How did we decide?
The Activities Exec read through all 521 nominations and scored them all out of 10. The scores were then averaged so we could see which nominations wowed the reps the most. These average scores were then used as a basis for the shortlist debating where the cut off point was. This was incredibly difficult and much time was spent deliberating and discussing the nominations and subsequent shortlists.

Those who didn’t make it onto the shortlist, please don’t feel disheartened. It does not mean what you have done for your groups this year has not been phenomenal. If you would like feedback on your nomination then feel free to email me, p.cottee-jones@leeds.ac.uk or speak to your rep.

Some categories were especially difficult, most improved had 67 nominations of the highest quality and trying to pick a winner out of that was like trying to pick your favourite Friends episode. If you did not get shortlisted, we still hope that you will attend what will be a fantastic end of year ceremony, and there will still be opportunities to promote your society on the night as well as spaces that will be transformed for you to watch from and tickets for the Refectory itself.

The Best in Category shortlist will be announced on Tuesday 19th April, with one of these being the Overall Best Society 2016.
A huge thank you to all of you for submitting such brilliant nominations.
Ticket Allocations
Your ticket for the evening is a wristband - attendees will not gain entry to the Refectory without one.

Friday 22nd April – Tuesday 26th April
During this time and due to capacity only shortlisted groups can collect tickets. They will be available for a committee member to pick up on behalf of the whole society from the Student Activities Reception.

 If you have been shortlisted you are welcome to 4 tickets. If you have been shortlisted for more than one award, you are welcome to 2 per extra award. (e.g. if you have 3 nominations you are welcome to 8 tickets)
Only shortlisted groups can collect wristbands during this time. Please note if you are a shortlisted society you are only guaranteed tickets during this time as on Wednesday 27th April tickets open to all groups.

Wednesday 27th April – Friday 29th April

Any society is then welcome to 3 tickets which can be collected during this time. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Once they are gone, they are gone. There are limited amount of tickets available and we would hate for you to miss out.

We want the Riley’s to be inclusive of every society, shortlisted or not, and so would love for you to come and enjoy a big end of year celebration with us for the hard work that you have put in.

The Student Activities Reception is open weekdays 9:30am – 4:30pm. Please do not wait until 5pm on the evening of the Riley’s to collect your tickets. All tickets must be collected by 4:20pm on Friday 29th April.
What if I don’t get a ticket?
Don’t you worry. The Lounge will be transformed into a screening with a bar and live entertainment which will be open from 6pm so you can begin your Riley’s evening in style and comfort. The Riley’s will be screened from 8pm so you don’t miss any of the action.

 If you’d like to sit down with the rest of your committee and members to cheer on your group together you can book seats for this area which will also include a bar. This space is reservation only. You therefore need to email your group and number of seats required to activities@leeds.ac.uk by 5pm on Thursday 28th April.
Want to promote your society?
Of course, the Riley Awards are all about showcasing just how truly great you all are. We are therefore giving groups the opportunity to promote your society at a ‘Promotion Podium’ in the Lounge & Terrace between 6pm and 8pm on the evening of the Riley’s. Think of it as your very own Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. It is there for you to promote your society in any way you see fit (without breaking rules you cheeky monkeys).

You can either have a 5, 10 or 15 minute slot to tell people what your group is and showcase what you do. 3 microphones and a PA will be provided. To book your slot please email activities@leeds.ac.uk by 5pm on Thursday 28th April.

The Riley Awards Shortlist

Best New Society
Bedside Buddies
Ice Hockey
Natural Sciences
Society of Economic Geologists
Theatre Outreach Education Society (TOES)
Women's Engineering Society
Best Campaign
Ahlul Bayt Society
Amnesty International Society
Islamic Society
People and Planet
Student action for refugees (star)
Best Engagement
Leeds RAG
Leeds Student Radio: The LGBT Show
Spoken Word Society
Student for Global Health
Fundraising Award

Dance Exposé
LUUMIC (LUU's Musical Impact in the Community)
LUUMS (Music)
STAR (Student Action for Refugees)
The Gryphon
Theology and Religious Studies
Best Long-Standing Collaboration
Amnesty, Star, HOMED
Dance Expose and Backstage
MT and Backstage
Stage Musicals Society and Backstage
Theatre Group and Open Theatre
Best New Collaboration

Leeds Gaming Varsity: Video Gaming & Technology, E-Sports, Sci Fi & Fantasy, Pokemon
Leeds RAG and Guide Dogs
Leeds RAG and Sky Diving
Refugees Welcome Working Group: Leeds Students for Global Health, STAR (Student Action for Refugees), Leeds Labour Students
The Gryphon and The Scribe
Best Show

Dance Exposé: Seven
Malaysian and Singaporean: Crossroads
Music Theatre and Backstage: Ghost
Open Theatre: Wind in the Willows
Stage Musicals Society: West Side Story
Theatre Group: A Clockwork Orange
Theatre Group: The Show Must
Best Publicity
Dance Expose
Leeds Model United Nations
Leeds RAG
Leeds Student Radio
Stage Musicals Society
Theatre Group
Women's Hockey
Best Give it a Go
Eastern European Society
Guide Dogs
Leeds Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Leeds Friends of MSF)
Leeds Student Radio
Sign Language
Teddy Bear Hospital
Best Event
Canoe: National Student Rodeo
DentSoc: BDSA Sports Weekend
Kickboxing & Krav Maga: National Kickboxing Competition
Leeds Labour Students: Voter Registration with Jeremy Corbyn
Leeds Model United Nations: Conference
Leeds RAG: National RAG Conference Commitee
Leeds Student Radio: The Transmission
Pakistan Society: Rewaj
ShockSoc: Trip to Geneva & CERN
Sikh Society: Langar
Most Improved
Leeds Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres
Leeds Model United Nations
Rugby Union Football Club
Street Dance
The Gryphon

Fundraising League Award


Guide Dogs

Irish Dancing


Women’s Hockey


Best in Category

Afro-Caribbean Society
East-African Society
Mexican Society

Belly Dance Society
Vertical Fitness

Leeds University Union Music Society
Midwifery Society
Medical Students’ Representative Council
Society for Economic Geologists
Italian Society

Catholic Society
Hindu Society
Islamic Society
Sikh Society

General Interest
Coffee Society
Model United Nations
Spoken Word Society

Martial Arts

The Gryphon
Her Campus
Leeds Student Television

Hiking Society
Orienteering Society

Backstage Society
Band Soc
Open Theatre 

Political & Campaigning
Amnesty International
Leeds Students for Global Health
Student Action for Refugees 

Women’s Hockey

Guide Dogs 
Theatre Outreach Education Society

Disability Action Group

Best Overall Society
One of the societies named above for “Best in Category” has been proposed by their Rep to be the Best Overall Society. The winner will be announced on the night.

How you can still get involved if you haven’t been shortlisted

The Promotion Podium

Groups have the opportunity to promote your society at a ‘Promotion Podium’ in the Lounge & Terrace between 6pm and 8pm on the evening of the Riley’s. See above for more info.

From Wednesday 27th April – Friday 29th April any society is welcome to 3 tickets which can be collected during this time. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis. See above for more info

Live Screening
The Lounge will be transformed into a screening with a bar and live entertainment which will be open from 6pm so you can begin your Riley’s evening in style and comfort. See above for more info.