Intercultural Ambassadors Showcase

Bringing together students and locals of all ages and backgrounds to increase their understanding of other cultures.

The Intercultural Ambassadors Showcase celebrates the achievements and activities of our Ambassadors who dedicate their time, skills and enthusiasm to helping others benefit from being at a multicultural international university.

On Wednesday 1 May, we’ll showcase the projects and experiences of the 50 UK and international students, who took part in training and worked together this year to inspire and connect students and local people through exciting intercultural projects.

The Showcase will also highlight how the partnership between the Ambassadors and their staff mentors, with support from Santander Universities, has enabled students to gain global and cultural insight and to develop cross-cultural and employability skills through the programme.

The Intercultural Ambassadors Programme develops the skills and insights needed to become successful in a global environment, both here at the University and in the wider world, while providing fun and memorable experiences along the way.

You can find out more about the programme here.