Your local Union run shop is not like the high street. Not only do all profits go back into the union, we strive to provide students with a range of essential and specialist food products along with much needed stationary – all at an affordable price.
Opening Times
Monday - Friday
8.30am - 9pm
12pm - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
*Our opening hours will vary during the Christmas holidays. The union will be closed from 22nd December until 3rd January.
Events & Discounts

Keep an eye out for new offers on drinks and snacks from 5th September

Download the YoYo app and use it to pay, and get exclusive deals in store.

Your Union Supermarket.

Essentials is your very own supermarket, run solely by the Union and completely not for profit – it’s a one stop shop to pick up those bits and bobs you need as a busy student at Leeds. We work with students to stock the things you want, so you can pick up everything you need for your lectures on the cheap, as well as groceries and household products and cards and gifts. If we aren’t stocking something you need – tell us. That’s the beauty of it being your supermarket and every penny that you spend goes right back into the Union. So next time you pick up a basket and stroll around the aisles, you can give yourself a pat on the back because you’re contributing to your own Union!



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