Black History Month

Black History Month

Black History Month is back in Leeds. 

"Welcome to Black History Month 2019! The theme this year is “Black &” and so we will be exploring many different dimensions of black identity, from culture to history to politics. Join us for a month of storytelling and celebration. 

While you're here please fill out the BAME Awarding Gap survey. There is still a systemic disparity between the amount of top degrees awarded to white and non-white students, and we're pushing the University to do something about it. Filling out the survey and giving your experience helps us to do just that."

 - Chloe Elliott, your Equality and Diversity Officer. 

We've also got a ton of events and activity going on over the month. Click below to see all the events, or scroll down for some of our highlights.

BHM Guide to Leeds

As part of BHM 2019, your student Liberation Coordinators had the idea to create a campus map with renamed buildings, to celebrate influential people of colour and tell their stories.

Have a read of the map below and look out for an extended version around campus and at events during October.