Bereaved Student Network

What we’re all about

BSN is a peer-led support network for bereaved students.

Grief is a strange experience that affects people in different ways, and unless you've been there it can be hard to understand the ups and downs. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to somebody who really gets it. 

BSN aims to bring people together and provide support through a wide-range of events, from creative workshops and film showings to walks and bowling evenings. We want to give students opportunities to address their grief in ways that suit them, with absolutely no pressure. We are not a counselling service but we can help you enjoy your time at uni.

Membership is free and doesn't mean you are committed to anything, it just helps us keep track of contacts. Sign up to our mailing list, drop us an email, or join our Facebook page (LUU BSN - Bereaved Student Network) for relevant posts and updates on our events and activities.

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