What we’re all about

Here at Beat Soc we represent the national eating disorder charity Beat. We aim to demolish stigmas surrounding eating disorders and host a variety of fundraising and well-being events on campus. We are a team of friendly volunteers, so if you would like to make a difference and help those affected by eating disorders, as well as help raise money for the charity, then Beat Soc is the society for you!


We aim to hold one training session each semester, working alongside trained professionals from the charity Beat, to help inform and guide prospective volunteers on the best ways to fundraise, represent the charity and how to open up the space for conversations about eating disorders.


We aim to hold meetings every two weeks, where volunteers and members can put forth any potential individual fundraising ideas they may have. Precise locations will be confirmed upon the start of term, but please check out our social media pages for more information.


As a society, we aim to hold one fundraising and one well-being/social events each month.

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As we are a volunteering society, we offer a free membership in return for all the hard work and time given by members.

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