What we’re all about

AIESEC is a global youth led organisation striving to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Joining AIESEC give you access to a huge community of globally minded young leaders, who want to grow their own potential whilst contributing to something bigger than themselves. 


We give you immediate responsibilities so you can learn by doing, step outside your comfort zone, and experience successes and failures in a supportive environment. If you're keen on activating your potential, and contributing to a mission that changes the world, then we want you. We can't promise you it'll be easy, but it will be worth it.


You will usually meet every week for functional team meetings where you will discuss strategies and projects with your team, and every two weeks for an LCM (local committee meeting) where everyone in AIESEC Leeds comes together to share ideas and gain valuable information.


We usually have socials after every Local Committee Meeting, and there are 3 national conferences a year, along with hundreds of international conferences around the AIESEC network for members of AIESEC (see Membership section).


Compliment your studies as a volunteer with AIESEC. You'll quickly be given responsibilities to run YOUR local AIESEC entity on campus, developing your business and communication skills whilst growing your network of contacts.

As a member your will:

  • Benefit from an induction conference and training to prepare you for the role
  • Be given a role of responsibility within your team
  • Attend weekly team meetings and local committee meetings (on campus)
  • Have the opportunity to attend national/international conferences and training events
  • Have the opportunity to progress to team leader and beyond
  • Have the opportunity to go on a exchange project with increased member benefits


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