What we’re all about

The African-Caribbean Society (ACS) educates and celebrates black culture. Their members are not necessarily from African or Caribbean backgrounds: ACS is a platform for like-minded individuals to socialise, develop friendships, enjoy cultural events, political campaigns and network.


This year, we hope to spice up your social calendar even more, with events including: Fusion, Legacy, Games Night, the Winter Ball and many more! Many of our events will be announced in our Monthly Event Calendars on our social media accounts so make sure to stay tuned for those.


It’s very easy to become a member of the ACS and take advantage of the numerous benefits we offer. We have a Fresher's Period discount of 30% on our Membership fees for a limited time only, which costs: £6.99 for one year membership £16.99 for three year membership After this point, our Standard Membership fees will be: £9.99 for one year membership £24.99 for three year membership


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