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We're the students' union of 30,000 students at Leeds University. Our clubs, bars and events are essential to student life!

Living away from home, students are deciding which brands to buy, use and trust for the first time. That’s why attracting them to your service or product has huge potential for generating long-term brand loyalty. It’s also why they’re the most profitable group in the 18 to 24 age bracket.

Leeds University Union is their students’ union, situated at the heart of a thriving University campus. We understand our students, we know what makes them tick and importantly for you we have direct access to their everyday life. Our range of adverting and sponsorship opportunities gives you the opportunity to reach them directly, in a format that suits you.

General advertising opportunities

Year Round
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August- July

A variety of promotional opportunities targetting over 30,000 students at the University of Leeds. Including our website, social media, email newsletters, plasma screens and much more.

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The beginning of term has some of the most rewarding marketing opportunities in the academic calendar. Freshers’ Week is the first week of term, the term when new students are introduced to university life.

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Event Sponsorship

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3 months worth of brand association and advertising opportunities during the student house hunting period.

Landlord Awards Site.

World Unite
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An action packed week with activities and events celebrating and showcasing our different cultural groups, bringing together students from home and abroad.

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A weeklong celebration of our student groups, clubs and societies to mark their success, and to acknowledge the tremendous effort and dedication made by individuals.

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Leeds Ball
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Leeds University Union hosts the Leeds Ball which sees 4,500 students celebrating their end of year in style. An un-missable event with seven music arenas, three bars and plenty of alternative entertainment on offer the Ball has some of the most rewarding sponsorship opportunities.

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Leeds Varsity is a multisport event bringing together the University of Leeds (30,000 students) and Leeds Metropolitan (40,000 students) to compete in over 50 sporting fixtures in a one day event. The day culminates with a fixture at Headingly Carnegie Stadium that last year attracted 10,000 spectators.

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