What we’re all about

Action is University of Leeds’ longest running volunteering society (starting in 1965).  We’re a completely free society that helps the local community by planning day trips and care home visits for those in need. Action covers all training, accommodation and transport, there are also no time contains - come once a year, once a month or once a week – it’s up to you! Being part of Action will give you invaluable training to use in later life including Child Protection training, a DBS, and First Aid (where applicable).


How to join Action:

  1. Click 'Buy Membership' and purchase an "Action-Standard Membership" (we've set the purchase price to £0.00, so the society is completely free to join!), this will also automatically sign you up to our mailing list.
  2. Complete a DBS form online. To do this you will need to email with your name and society. You will also need to provide contact details for two references (preferably 2 professional, but possibly one professional and one personal), this is for a character reference, and original documents to prove your identity and address, which can be verified at the Activities Office in the union - don't worry, this step isn't as complicated as it sounds! (And if you're confused just email our secretary and she'll help you out)
  3. Sign up for child protection training (only 2.5 hours), these sessions will be announced via the mailing list and on facebook, and are also completely free, ran by us, and held on campus – they are vital if you want to get involved with kids trips!

Once all your details have been confirmed you can start signing up for projects on our union webpage. Here you will find a list of all the upcoming projects and all you need to do is "buy" a ticket (all our projects are free!) and then checkout the same as you would do when you "buy" your membership.


Action Projects:

Actions runs many different projects annually, with both elderly and young members of the Leeds community. Over the past years Action has run multiple residential trips and day trips for young people, including for those who are from deprived areas, are young carers or young people who have special educational needs; highlights include trips to the zoo, canoeing, and even sailing. Last year alone saw 40 visits to elderly care homes and over 80 local elderly people attended our annual Older People's Tea Party.


Currently Running:


Partners In Time

Partners in Time is a group of students who volunteer in a Halcyon Court every Wednesday. In our visits we run lots of activities with the residents such as bingo, quizzes and games. Not only do the residents really enjoy our visits, the volunteers do too. We are looking for volunteers to join us; there is no commitment involved and you can volunteer just once or as many times as you like.


  • The activity is from 2-3pm weekly (starting 19.03.20)
  • We meet at Hyde Park Pub 15 minutes before we are due to start (1:45pm)
  • You do need a DBS for this activity! Please bring your DBS with you the first time you volunteer, if you don’t we will have to turn you away L
  • If you are interested or have any questions, please email us at


Older People’s Tea Party:

Once a year Action runs the ‘Older People’s Tea Party’, providing an invaluable opportunity to bridge the gap between older people from the community and University of Leeds students. We invite four elderly community groups from across Leeds to come down to the University for a day of games, musical performances and cake. You can sign up for an hour slot or attend the whole day. 



St. Vincent’s Christmas Present Project:

Every Winter Action runs a trip for St Vincent’s support centre. Each year we do something different – some years we run a present drive, other years we help with bucket collections in Trinity. This project has already run this year, but keep a look out in November and December 2010


Help us run these projects:

I  order to get the following trips running, we need you! Action is currently recruiting Project Coordinators to help us run these projects. This would involve organising activities, applying for funding, booking transport, briefing volunteers and ensuring trips go well. If you would like to become a Project Coordinators please email or organise an informal chat to talk about options.


Weekenders Club:

Saturdays every month volunteers will be needed to help us run a brand new project in conjunction with Leeds Weekend Care Association. The day will involve working with children aged 5-18 with special educational needs. There will be two types of trips, both one-site and off-site, each being different. On-site activities will involve working with LWCA on their premises helping to carry out games and projects, for this no DBS is required. For off-site activities, we will be planning day trips for the older kids (14-18) of the centre such as trips to tropical world and bowling.


  • Saturdays once a month, typically 9am-4pm
  • Working children with special educational needs
  • On-site Trips: No DBS required
  • Off-site Trips: DBS Required



Re-Generation is a project where volunteers visit a local care home once a week. We bring fun activities (such as bingo, quizzes, crafts and performances from LUU societies), interact with the elderly to give them something a little bit different to look forward to each week. Volunteers are able to sign up on a per week basis with no ongoing commitment, so you can do as much or as little as you would like. If you are interested or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing


Bridge The Gap

Bridge the Gap is a weekly volunteering opportunity that aims to connect with the elderly community in Leeds. Every Thursday we visit a Grove Court from 6-7pm where we complete fun activities such as bingo, arts & crafts and karaoke. The project is hugely popular among the residents and has a positive impact on their daily lives. It is also great to do volunteering to boost your CV, as well as doing something meaningful with your time. If you are interested in volunteering please email us at

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