Your Reps

Your reps are here to represent you and your needs on everything from your course, to your clubs and societies, to the area where you live.

Click on the Rep you need to contact:

Student Exec 

Six students elected to represent the student voice as a whole in the Union, University and the City, as well as on regional and national levels.

Contact them about anything you want to talk about. 

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School Reps  

More than 80 students appointed to represent the views and be the voice of students in your School, promoting student-led change. They play a fundamentally important role in ensuring your School and the University provide the best possible academic experience for students, and a better place to work and study.

Contact them to change things or raise issues you may have in your school.

Recruitment for School Reps for 2015-16 is now OPEN! Becoming a School Rep empowers you to make positive change to your School and develop your skills and networks in the process. You can download the application pack by clicking the button below or contacting the Helpdesk should you require a different format. Applications close on Wednesday 29th April at 4pm.

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Activities Exec

The Activities Exec is made up of 13 elected students, each representing one of the activity categories at Leeds University Union. They support the societies in your activity category. They make key decisions about new societies and financing, handle society disciplinary matters, chair Society Assemblies to gather feedback on ideas, plan events, listen to concerns, and represent societies at the Better Union forums 

Contact them about any society issues you may have.

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          Hall Exec           

100's of students are elected to represent students in Halls at Leeds University Union assemblies, create and implement a social calendar of events and campaigns and help students to get involved.

Contact them about events, activities and issues in halls.

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Community Reps

16 students appointed to represent students in your area through local residence association meetings, consult with students about their opinions on community issues and represent them at Better Leeds Forum. They help students to feel settled and create a sense of belonging in the areas in which they live. 

Contact them about any issues you have as a resident of Leeds.

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